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Our contractors have extensive experience in drywall repair, and you can count on us to get the job done right.

In our experience here at BAS Walls & Ceilings, many people struggle to determine when to attempt a task themselves and when to turn to more experienced professionals for help. Homeowners will often try to repair minor problems themselves before hiring a contractor, and general contractors can often do the same before they hire a specialist. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by hiring the right person for the job from the start. For example, if you are dealing with damaged drywall, we at BAS Walls & Ceilings encourage you to turn to our expert drywall repair contractors.

Drywall Repair Contractors in Central Florida

We have been working in the drywall industry since 1974, which means we have over 48 years of experience in the business. You can count on us to accurately assess the damage to the drywall and create an effective plan to address it. Regardless of how severe the damage is, our drywall repair contractors will do all that’s necessary to restore the walls or ceiling of the property to like-new condition.

We’ll use spackle, mesh, and other tools to cover up any holes or indents in your drywall and then sand it down until it is completely smooth and flush with the rest of the wall. Once you paint over the damaged area, it will look like nothing ever happened there.

We are proud to serve the community in Central Florida, and we want to deliver the best possible results on your project. If you are looking for effective, reliable drywall repair contractors, just give us a call to find out more about what our technicians can do for you.