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Affordable, Quality Construction Services for Commercial Builders

At BAS Walls and Ceilings, we provide commercial builders with a talented team of professionals they can rely on to get the job done right, on time and on budget. With more than 30 years of experience, our team brings quality back to the commercial market providing quick and affordable drywall, interior and exterior framing, acoustic ceilings, as well as lap siding installation services. Contractors know the BAS Walls and Ceilings team will arrive on time providing the quality service and speed essential to ensure your project is completed on schedule.

Our superior construction services teamed with our commitment to hard work and quality craftsmanship make BAS Walls and Ceilings one of the oldest and most respected companies in the industry. Contact us today to see why our more than 100,000 customers call us repeatedly when they need affordable quality construction services for their next project.

BAS Walls and Ceilings offers the following services to help complete your commercial project:

Drywall Installation

Need to get your drywall installed in a hurry? No problem! The BAS Walls and Ceilings’ team are expert drywall installers and can have the walls and ceilings on your commercial building completed in no time.


BAS Walls and Ceilings framing services include interior and exterior walls constructed of either metal or wood. From initial layout of the walls to the raising and bracing of them, our talented team is experienced and efficient and can help build quickly at an affordable rate.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation

Our team of professionals are experts in architectural soundproofing and can quickly and efficiently install your acoustic ceilings in your office, retail space, or restaurant project.

Lap Siding Installation

In addition, BAS Walls and Ceilings has experienced installers of lap siding. Our current team has done more than 500 homes with lap siding and is extremely efficient at its installation. Whether you need it installed on wood frames or metal, the BAS Walls and Ceilings team has the experienced installers to do the job right. Plus, we uphold the highest possible safety standards in our cutting practices.

No matter what your project is, the BAS Walls and Ceilings team will give you the satisfaction of knowing quality work was done by people who care about what they do. Thousands of commercial buildings in Central Florida have been completed by BAS Walls and Ceilings.

Click here to contact an estimator or call us at 407.657.0012.

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